Our Team

Philippe Wolkowicz

actl-philippePhilippe Wolkowicz, co-founder and CEO of ACTL, has over 25 years experience in software development and consultancy.

Philippe was responsible for the development of a multi-user, distributed claims management system for the Israeli police force and the successful introduction of object oriented technology in many of the leading Israeli high tech companies. His expertise in software engineering is well known and his didactic skills are highly appreciated.

Areas of Expertise

  • Definition and introduction of SW development processes, customization of the Unified Process
  • Profound knowledge of CASE-tools and their efficient use in projects
  • Project Management and coaching of object oriented projects

Contact Philippe Wolkowicz at philippew@actl.co.il or download is CV

Dani Mannes

Dani, ACTLDani Mannes, co-founder and CTO of ACTL, has over 25 years of training and consulting experience.

He started his career at  Zuehlke Engineering AG in Switzerland as project leader and software engineering consultant. He introduced advanced Software Engineering technologies in major Swiss and European companies and served as coach and mentor in over 100 different projects. He defined QA and ISO-9000 guidelines and managed complex projects in major Swiss and international companies. Over the past years his focus has been on bridging the gap between system and SW Engineering and in applying Model driven Development in Agile projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Agile Model Driven Development (Agile MDD)
  • Agile Architecture
  • Technology transfer
  • Strong emphasis and experience in crafting system and SW architectures
  • Tool expert (Lattix, Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect)

Contact Dani Mannes at danim@actl.co.il or download his CV

Vivian Stern-Wolkowicz

vivian, ACTLVivian Stern-Wolkowicz is our Human Resource  Department Manager, assigning highly qualified professionals. She finds the perfect match between our customers and job seekers. She succeeds in finding the gem missing in the crown.

Contact Vivian Sterrn-Wolkowicz at vivianw@actl.co.il


Shimon Jacobs

shimon, ACTLShimon Jacobs has 20 years experience in software development, SW and System engineering. He started his career as junior programmer. His capabilities in understanding cross-system issues and his skills in system engineering brought him to ACTL. Since 1999 Shimon Jacobs serves as a distinguished trainer for object oriented technologies in general and UML and SW architecture in special and has coached the students in applying their skills in complex projects.

Download Shimon's CV

Zeev Jacobson

zeev jacobson, ACTLZeev Jacobson, has over 20 years experience in software development and consultancy. He has extensive experience in software engineering & development, including testing, integration, documentation, maintenance & support. He is proficient in documentation standards. Before joining ACTL he was CEO of a software house and participated actively in the development.


Areas of Expertise

  • Definition and introduction of SW development processes, customization of the Unified Process, CASE-tools and their efficient use in projects.
  • Performing integration between different development support tools
  • Project Management of information-based software-system projects

Download Zeev's CV

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