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Press Release

LieberLeiber and ACTL are announcing their cooperation through a Press release.


Recording of our LemonTree Webinar

LemonTree supports diff/merg and version management on EA models on top if GIT.

Watch the webinar recording here!


Webinar on LemonTree

Want to learn more on LemonTree, the Nr. tool vor versioning of EA models?

Join our webinar with LieberLieber on 04.07.2022 at 16:00 IL time.


We are now partners of LieberLieber

LemonTree from LieberLieber finaly offers a for full version managment of EA models or integration of EA models with CodeBeamer.

See our LemonTree page.


Enterprise Architect Version 16 has been released

The lastes version of Enterprise Architect has been released.

Check out whats new on EA 16 here.


We are now Partners of Jama Software

As partner of Jama Software we support you in requirements, risk and test management.

See the tooling page for more info!


Lattix version 12 has been released

  • New Axivion module
  • Added new Heatmap view in Architect and Lattix Web
  • Updated Lattix Web tomcat server to address security issues
  • Added new scripts to load coverage data and Misra/Autosar violation data for heatmap
  • Check for more news at


Enterprise Architect 15

Enterprise Architect 15 has now been released.

See whats new in EA 15 here.


Lattix Version 11 has been released

  • Improved integration with Jenkins (build can be stoped when new violations are detected)
  • Integration with Jira™
  • VS integration supports also .Net projects
  • Check for more news at


Lecture on MBSE on YouTube

View our lecture introducing Agile Model Based Systems Engineering (A-MBSE).

ההרצאה בעברית


Lattix Version 10.9 is now available!

  • Improvements to the integration of Lattix with VS; Lattix can be invoked from within VS.
  • Improvements to the LattixWeb.

02 May 2018

Past Public Trainings

28.05.18 ->  Effective UC Writing

30.05.18 ->  SW Design Best Practices

04.06.18 ->  SW Architecture Best Practices


Enterprise Architect 14

Enterprise Architect 14 is now in Beta and can be downloaded.

Watch the latest webinar on the key features of EA-14.

24 January 2018

Article: Architecting in Agile Projects

A good architecture allows to defer technological decisions to a later point in time. To understand how to do that read the article on Architecting on Agile Projects

16 January 2018

Seminar: SW Design Best Practices

This 1 day seminar covers design principles & techniques allowing to do model based SW design in Agile projects. Join us on the 22.02.2018 in the Tel Aviv area. More...

1 December 2017

ACTL becomes Sparx VAR

ACTL has been appointed Training Partner and Reseller for Enterprise Architect.

 Contact us for a quote for Enterprise Architect!

22 November 2017

Lattix Release 10.7.1

  • The .NET plugin now supports reading in Visual Studio solution files.
  • A new free Visual Studio plugin has been released for improved integration with Architect and LDC. Its downloadable from the Visual Studio marketplace


Lattix 9.8 has been released

Java8 is now supported. You can also create compound projects easing management of large projects.

See the release notes or


Lattix Version 9.3 is now availbale!

Lattix 9 has complete new user interface, lots of new features and perfomance inprovements.

See the release notes or

12 November 2013

Lattix Version 8.5.2 is now availbale!

.NET module was improved to recognize MDTExportedType construct and a script was added allowing to export/import rules from one project to another.

25 May 2013

Architecting in Agile Projects

Read on our experience of how to Architect in large scale projects while staying Agile at the same time.

Read more......

17 December 2012

Do 178b

For the last year we have coached a team in capturing and management requirements using the Do 178b standard.

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