UML & OO process reference card

refcard, ActlACTL's UML and process reference card explains:

  • All UML 2.x diagrams
  • The process and artifacts of requirements capture, analysis and design.

The UML diagrams are put in the context of the requirements, analysis and design process.

Use it as a UML reference and in order to get an overview on the modeling process. Click here or on the image to download.


Agile Modeling Process Description

ACTL's Agile Modeling process description document is the summary of our course.

It summarizes the steps required to capture requirements, build an analysis model and eventually craft a good architecture design. Click here to download the document.


Architecting in Agile Projects

This article outlines some ideas why and how to architect in Agile projects. Agile teams often set the focus on sprint based delivery of working code and user stories. “Conventional teams” often precede development with an intensive architecting and design phase. Does architecting and designing belong to the past or can architecting and working Agile be combined?
To understand more read the article on Architectimg in Agile Projects.

Recommended Bibliography

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of highly recomended books, articles and websites focusing on Agile Object Oriented Model Driven Development.

Download the bibliography.


Template for UC Description

Download UC Template in order to specify each use case in an uniform way.
The UC template takes into consideration the use of report generation tools for generating documents.


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