ACTL Architecture

actl-architecttingACTL's Architecting service extends ACTL-Trainingand ACTL-Consulting, allowing you to leverage our hands-on experience in agile architecture modeling, ALM and implementation. We take responsibility for part of your tasks such as:

  • Architecture base-lining
  • Requirements management
  • Component development
  • Project jump-start
  • Tool customization
  • ....

That is how we help you focus on your key competencies, save time and become more effective!

What we do?


Architecture Base-lining

Having a good architecture is mandatory for efficient system development and quick response to customer requirements. We create or document the true system architecture upon which you team can build.

Architecture describes the fundamental high level structures, relations and mechanisms of a system. It serves as baseline for system implementation, further development and maintenance. Not having a true and clear view of the system architecture makes agile or concurrent development difficult if not impossible, increases the system entropy requiring more testing and reduces time-to-market.

Our architects will create the base line of your system architecture either for new or for legacy systems upon which your teams can continue developing the system. In case of legacy systems, we will first assess the true architecture and suggest architecture refactoring. The architecture will be documented using UML / SysML and will reflect:

  • HW-Architecture (if relevant)
  • Subsystems, their interfaces and relations
  • High level internal structure of subsystems.
  • Key requirements
  • Key mechanisms

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our architects!

Project Jump-start

You are starting a new project and want to take advantage and apply an agile model driven (A-MDD) approach without compromising schedules, quality and cost. We can help you achieve these goals through our customized jump-start packages.

Based on its vast experience in technology transfer and a variety of critical projects, ACTL has developed a number of project jump-start packages that allow teams to adopt and assimilate A-MDD with a minimal impact on the overall project costs and schedules. The packages combine the three most basic services or ACTL’s technology transfer package:

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting

Within the scope of 2 sprints (8 weeks) and a fixed budget, ACTL experts provide well defined training sessions in UML/SysML, Agile Modeling, Architecture design, design patterns and other courses that are interwoven with mentoring and consulting sessions in order to produce substantial advances on the project.

Contact us to discuss the options and jump-start your project!

Component Development

You want to outsource parts of your system development in order to meet your deadlines, reduce risks or because you lack some specific know-how. Our experts can help you!

Together with our partners, we take take full responsibility to deliver fully functional and tested SW components. We provide:

  • The experts in the domain (Linux, Windows, Java, .Net, RT, Android, IOS,.....)
  • Professional developers in the defined environment

Contact us to discuss your outsourcing needs!

Requirements Management

Good requirements managing is one of the key success factors of projects. Our experts will manage your requirements and help you assure that all requirements are documented, implemented and tested.

Often teams bring impressive technical know-how and skills. None the less projects fail. Why?

One of the important reasons of project failure is inadequate requirements management. Why? Because:

  • You loose the oversight on what requirements exists and on their priorities.
  • You loose the oversight on what requirements have been satisfied.
  • You do not know which requirements have been tested
  • You are not aware that requirements have changed
  • ........

ACTL will manage the requirements for you, letting your team focus on the technical project aspects, where as we help keep track of your requirements and their evolution.

Tool customization

Many tools offer API's allowing to extend or customize their features. We can help you in such tasks since this is our business.

As we advocate model driven development, we have acquired a lot of experience in customizing modeling tools in order to make MDD more effective. We offer:

  • Project templates
  • Company customizations
  • Company standard report templates for documents generation
  • Utility development for efficient day to day use
  • Smooth integration with the development environment and existing tools
  • Harmonizing tools with the defined development process

Our expertize is in:

  • Sparks Enterprise Architect
  • IBM - Rational (Rhapsody, RTC,...)
  • Lattix
  • Team System

Contact us to discuss your needs. We can help you with other tools as well.

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