ACTL Consulting

ACTL, consultingACTL - Consulting extends ACTL -Training, by offering the impressive technical know-how, practical expertise and experience in object oriented agile modeling in over 100 projects to assist in:

  • Agile Model Driven System and SW Engineering
  • ALM
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Requirements and Test Engineering
  • Security Engineering
  • Agile and SCRUM
  • Process tailoring
  • DoD 178
  • SW development in .Net, Java and C/C++

How do we contribute?

ACTL’s consultants contribute their knowledge to companies of different industries and in a large range of project types, assisting teams in managing the whole application life cycle (ALM) from project planning and management, through requirements elicitation, architectural design, implementation, testing and deployment.

ACTL - Consulting helps you increase team performance, product quality and flexibility by adopting modern and tested engineering practices through a well defined gradual technology transfer process build on training, mentoring and consulting.


Increase the effectiveness of training by supporting your team with expert advice over a period of time.

Mentoring is the natural extension of training. It provides teams as well as individuals the means and expert guidance needed to evolve towards master craftsmanship

Over a period of 2 to 6 month we help teams to gradually transition, adopt and improve their usage of selected engineering disciplines and practices. Be it in:

  • Agile Model Driven System or SW Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Security Engineering
  • Agile and SCRUM adoption

The transition process is build on a well defined plan with continuous feedback assuring a measurable progress track. Read more...


Use expert advice on a specific problem or subject for a short period of time.

Consulting as the natural and long-term extension of the mentoring process.

First of all it offers the option to use ACTL experts for specific problem solving or improvement missions. Within a few consulting sessions the team presents the problem and the works along with the consultant in order to find an optimal solution. Our consultants provide support end expert knowledge in:

  • System and SW architecture
  • Modeling
  • Architecture assessment and improvement
  • Requirements Management
  • Testing
  • Process tailoring
  • Security engineering
  • Tool adoption and customization

Secondly it provides the means to constantly remain up-to-date with the best hands-on experience and knowledge of ACTL experts. Therefore consulting is a vital component of our client-customized technology jump-start service package. Read more...

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