Defining Document structure

The document structure is defined graphically by creating diagrams that specify what needs to be documented. A documentation diagram can show:

  • Existing model elements that are dropped on a documentation diagram. Model elements can be diagram hyperlinks, packages, classes or any other existing model element that needs to be documented.
  • Packages that are owned by the package in which the documentation diagram resides.  The are called "documentation package". Such packages define the document chapters and hierarchy and should contain one single documentation diagram that specifies the chapter's content.

The documentation chapter hierarchy defines the document’s chapters and subchapters hierarchy, where as the package name specifies the chapter name. The content of the chapter is defined by model elements that were placed on the documentation diagram.

The document name is defined by the top level documentation diagram.

Generating a document

Just right click on the top level (or any other) diagram and invoke the GraphDocs add-on. Select "Extensions  =>  Documentation add-ins  =>  GraphDocs". This can be done also by clicking the Extensions tab on Enterprise Architect menu bar and following the above.

More information

For more information on Graphdocs and how to use it, read the users manual.

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