Service Overview

ACTL-servicesSince 1996 ACTL has designed and refined its project and result driven Technology and Knowledge transfer package. We successfully applied the process in over 100 projects, helping our customers to effectively develop and deliver systems using an Agile Model Driven Development (A-MDD) approach.

Our Training, Consulting & Architecting Services are supported by appropriate tooling and manpower, helping to effectively jump-start you for becoming a master craftsman in A-MDD.



Don’t learn what is available but learn what you need and become a craftsman!

Our training packages cover the key engineering skills required to effectively develop systems using and Agile Model Driven Development (A-MDD) approach. Our layered training offering covers the following engineering domains:

  • System Engineering
  • Agile SW Engineering
  • Requirements and Test Engineering
  • Security Engineering

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We provide practical advice to make you more effective!

ACTL’s experts contribute their impressive technical know how and practical expertise together with a tested methodological knowledge transfer approach. They work as mentors or consultants assisting in:

  • System and SW Architecture
  • Modeling with UML, SysML, BPML
  • Agile technologies
  • Process tailoring
  • DoD 178
  • SW development in .Net,  Java and C/C++.

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We do not only train and consult, we also deliver!

ACTL's experts also contribute by doing part of the job for you. We either jump-start or participate in projects by:

  • Building working Architecture Baselines
  • Managing Requirements
  • Assessing system Architecture health
  • Developing Components
  • Testing
  • ....

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Purchase SW tools or learn how to effectively use them!

In order to effective perform Agile Model Driven Development, the right tools are needed. You can purchase and get expert advice from ACTL for the follwoing tools:

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