LemonTree from LieberLieber is the ultimate Plug & Play model versioning tool (Diff & Merge) that revolutionizes the work of a distributed modeling team and supports compliance with required standards such as ISO 26262. It was developped to use versioning systems like GIT for models the same way you use GIT for Sourcecode versionning. LemonTree finally supports agile modeling and parallel editing of models, each one in his personal "sandbox". This is enabled via optimistic model versioning and merging capabilities built-in to LemonTree.

Key Features

With Lemontree you can develop your product lines with concurrent and even geographically distributed teams, involve your suppliers or customers in the modelling or review process and then create a new base line. LemonTree's key fetures include:

  • Compare (Diff) Versions
  • Breakdown a model into individually managed components
  • Merge Models or Model-Parts

LemonTree integrates wich a number versioning systems (git,pct), Lifecycle tools (Bitbucket, Gitlab) and continues integration tools such as Jenkins.

See our Lemontree page for more information.

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Jama Software

Manage your product requirements, risks and tests wrom within a single source of truth for definition, verification and validation.

With Jama connect, you transform your product development process allowing you to:
  • Capture and work with real-time decisions and feedback
  • Make your review process more efficient and transparent
  • Keep key stakeholders informed when change occurs
  • Make sure everyone gets the content they need—right when they need it

Jama Connnect is used by over 600 organizations worldwide and includes companies from the automotive, medical devices, financial services, industrial manufacturing and aerospace domain.

Key features

Jamma connect key features inlcdude:

  • Requirements specificaiton
  • Live Traceability
  • Impact Analysis
  • Review Management
  • Test Management
  • Support for various regulaiton frameworks

Integrations with other tools

Jama Connect has a large number of integrations with other tools end environements. Among them are:

  • LDRA
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • Tricentis
  • Ansys
  • Sparx's Enterprise Architect
  • Matlab Simulink
  • TFS
  • Colabnet Versionone
  • Rally
  • and many more

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Discover, Optimize, Control and Manage your system architectrure using the leading architecture management system from Lattix.

ACTL is reseller of Lattix for Israel, Turkey and Cyprus and provide support as well as added value services such as:lattixscreens, ACTL

  • Training
  • Customization
  • Architecture assessment, refactoring and enforcement.

The Lattix System is a suite of desktop and web applications, command line utilities, and a web-based repository to empower your development organization. Architects and developers can analyze their systems in detail, edit the structure to improve the design, and specify rules to formalize and communicate the architecture to the entire organization. The result is better quality, improved reliability, and higher productivity.

Lattix Solutions configure the modules, tools, and scripts in the Lattix System to make it easier to deploy and apply Lattix to your systems. Call us to learn more about Lattix Solutions for Embedded Systems, Enterprise Systems, or Complex Systems.

Consider these distinct advantages of Lattix:

  • Precise - The matrix representation leverages the system hierarchy to aggregate dependencies and provide a precise big picture view. The LDZ file can be automatically synchronized with every build to identify changes and architectural violations. Developers can focus on their part of the system while maintaining the big picture.
  • Highly Scalable - The power of the hierarchy and the compact matrix representation enables the DSM to scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of classes . The Lattix approach has been successfully applied to many large commercial systems in a various industries, including financial services and telecommunications.
  • Easy to Adopt - Lattix automatically extracts dependencies and builds the DSM within seconds, so it is easy to deploy at any time in the software lifecycle. Architectural patterns are easy to discover and enforce in the DSM.

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Sparx - Enterprise Architect

Use Enterprise Architect (EA), one of best budget Model Driven UML/SysML tools.

ACTL is reseller of Enterprise Architect in Israel and provide support as well as added value services such as:

  • Training
  • Customization
  • Custom document generation (SSS, SSDD, SRS, SDD, .....)

A solid UML 2.x core coupled with an intuitive user interface and efficient, highly scalable repository is the basis for one of the most successful UML / SysML tools ever created. 300,000 users worldwide, a vigorous user community, endorsements from major standards bodies, an affordable price point, numerous accolades and a proven record of delivering exceptional results.

12 years of continuous development have seen Enterprise Architect become the pre-eminent cost-effective model driven tool suite for a huge range of industry verticals, government bodies, standards organizations and domains.

Enterprise Architect offers support for a wide range of modeling languages supporting Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Business Engineering and much more. See our Sparx-Enterprise Architect page for more information.

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Use Rhaposdy for visual, model-driven development for embedded or real-time software applications.

ACTL is an IBM Partner and has gathered a great amount of experience in model driven development using Rhapsody. We provide added value services such as:

  • Training
  • Customization
  • Custom document generation (SSS, SSDD, SRS, SDD, .....)

IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® products provide collaborative design and development for systems engineers and software developers creating real time or embedded systems and software. These products help to analyze and validate requirements, design rapidly with prototypes, and deliver more consistent applications using Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and Unified Modeling Language (UML). The Rational Rhapsody family of products includes a variety of editions focused on the needs of systems engineers and embedded software developers.

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