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LieberLieber's LemonTree is the ultimate tool for model versioning for distributed teams. It was developped to use versionning systems like GIT for models the same way you use GIT for Sourcecode versioning. With LemonTree you get full control on the lifecycle of your model in a team based modeling environment.

LemonTree is the Plug & Play model versioning tool (Diff & Merge) that revolutionizes the work of a distributed modeling team and supports compliance with required standards such as ISO 26262. LemonTree finally supports agile modeling and parallel editing of models, each one in his personal "sandbox" or branch. This is enabled via optimistic model versioning and merging capabilities built-in to LemonTree.

Key features

  • Compare (Diff) Versions
    Analyse model changes precisely and easily. See what has changed in elements, linked documents and diagrams (visual diff!!)

  • Merge Model Parts
    Combine and merge different model versions in a controled manner (automatically or user driven)

  • Breakdown a model into individually managed components
    Split your model into individual components which remain linked and give them their own lifecycle.
    Such model components can then be re-used in other models in ordert to assemble new projects from existing components while keeping track of the lifecycle.

  • Let your team do Agile Modeling
    Develop your product lines with concurrent or even geographically distributed teams, involve your suppliers or customers in the modeling or review process and then create a new base line.

Supported integrations

Enhance your workflow and integrate LemonTree seamlessly into development environments such as:

  • Git,
  • ptc
  • SVN
  • Bit-bucket
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins

See the Lemontree page for more information.

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