SW Architecture Best Practices

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Seminar overview

The road to SW architecture

In this part we will discuss what characterizes a good SW architecture and learn on the process that leads to SW architecture and how to represent it.

  • Characteristics of a good SW architecture
  • The road to architecture
  • Representing architecture with UML and Model structure

Architecture Principles

In this part we will learn some of Robert Martin's (a.k.a. as "Uncle Bob") architecture principles that focus on grouping classes into packages that define the basic SW architecture in terms of reusable code "chunks".

  • Principle of Reuse
  • Principle of Common Closure
  • Principle of Package Dependency
  • Principle of Dependency Direction
  • Principle of Package Stability

Building a Component Model

In this part we will learn how to componentize a system by creating stable and safely reusable SW components. You will learn:

  • What are SW components and how to define them
  • The process of SW componentization
  • Component & Composite structure diagram
  • Ports & Interfaces
  • How to realize and initialize components

SW Architecture Patterns

If time permits you will also learn three archetypical SW architecture patterns, when to use them and how to define them. You learn on:

  • Layered Architecture Pattern
  • Pipes and Filter Pattern
  • Recursive Control Pattern
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