Agile SW Engineering Track

The Agile SW Engineering courses provide you with the skills required to become a Master SW Engineer.

  • The Agile Modeling courses set the stage, by teaching how to effectively model using the UML, how to capture requirements and create a flexible SW design.
  • The Agile Architecting courses build on modeling skills and focus on crafting the architecture in an agile approach.
  • The Tools and C++ courses are of a more technical nature and focus on effectively using modeling tools and C++ for system development.


Next public Trainings

Mon: 28.05.2018

Effective Use Case writing and UC driven Acceptance Testing

Wed: 30.05.2018

SW Design Best Practices

Mon: 04.06.2018

SW Architecture Best Practices


Effective UC writing and UC based Acceptance test defition

Use cases are often used to specify functional requirements. In this 1 day seminar you will learn:

  • How to build and fully specify a use case model.
  • How use cases and user stories relate.
  • How UCs serve as foundation for defining acceptance tests.

View full description of seminar in Effective Use Case writing and UC based Acceptance Test definition.

SW Design Best Practices

As "Uncle Bob" said: "The Agile world has forgotten well defined SW Engineering practices of the past". This 1 day seminar teaches how Agile practices and model based SW Engineering can co-exist.

You will learn:

  • Foundational concepts of the model driven SW Engineering approach.
  • How to evaluate the dependencies in order to reduce the entropy.
  • How to model and initialize components and use design patterns to speedily extend core functionality with HMI and MMI.

View full description of seminar in SW Design Best Practices.

SW Architecture Best Practices

SW Architecture represents the high level view of a SW system in terms of its large scale structural lements, relations and interactions as well as the technologies used to implement the architecture. In this 1 day seminat you will learn:

  • The processes for crafting an emerging architecture
  • How to build a good package and component architecture allowing SW and functional reuse respetively
View full description of seminar in SW Architecture Best Practices.

Agile Incremental Modeling with UML

This 5-7 day training combines Agile development practices with formal model driven development, empowering teams to incrementally capture requirements, analyze, design and talk about flexible system architectures.

You will learn:

  • How to define detailed system requirements trough use cases
  • The relation between user stories and use cases
  • How to propose a detailed OO, implementation independent solution to those requirements using class, sequence and state chart diagrams.
  • How to organize your solution in packages.
  • How to craft a layered, component based architecture that maximizes maintainability, re-use and extensibility of the resulting code.
  • A well defined process that seamlessly translates requirements into a flexible layered, component based architecture.

View full description of course in Agile Incremental Modeling with UML.

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